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Book of abstracts can be downloaded here.

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

7:30 8:15 Registration and breakfast
8:15 8:30 Welcome
8:30 9:30 Plenary talk
Simple Reduction of Lemke's Solvable Linear Complementarity Problems to Bimatrix Games
Ilan Adler abstract
9:30 9:45 Coffee break
9:45 11:15 Parallel technical sessions
Nonlinear Optimization Stochastic Optimization Machine Learning
Cubic Regularization For Symmetric Rank-1 and Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods
Hande Benson abstract
Robust Operational Decisions for Multi-Period Industrial Gas Pipeline Networks under Uncertainty
Pelin Cay abstract
Convolutional Neural Networks for Structural Damage Detection and Localization
Nur Sila Gulgec abstract
Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods for Lasso Problems
Jason Aran abstract
Probabilistic Restoration Function of Critical Infrastructure Systems After an Extreme Event
Wenjuan Sun abstract
Time Series Forecast Based on Recurrent Least-squares Support Vector Machines
Walter Gomez abstract
Nonnegative Polynomials, Nonconvex Polynomial Optimization, and Applications to Learning
Amir Ali Ahmadi abstract
Approximating the Reliability Allocation Model
Elias Munapo abstract
A Computer Plays the Beer Game: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Inventory Optimization
Afshin Oroojlooy abstract
11:15 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30 Plenary talk
The Geometry of the Simplex method: Diameters of Network-Flow Polytopes and Other Combinatorial Problems
Jesus A. De Loera abstract
12:30 13:30 Lunch
13:30 15:00 Parallel technical sessions
Stochastic Optimization Semidefinite Programming Modeling Energy and Environmental Systems
Topology Optimization Using Conditional Value at Risk
Geoffrey Oxberry abstract
Semidefinite Programming and Nash Equilibria in Bimatrix Games
Jeffrey Zhang abstract
Tame the Flame: Utilizing Methane in Wastewater Treatment
Daniel Steinberg abstract
Optimization of Inventory for Hip and Knee Joint Operations via Multistage Stochastic Programming
Mohammad Pirhooshyaran abstract
Dimension Reduction for Semidefinite Programming
Frank Permenter abstract
Energy Storage Network With Charge Level Targets
Kursat Kemikli abstract
Forward Sensitivity Analysis for Contracting Stochastic Systems
Thomas Flynn abstract
Time Varying LPs and SDPs
Bachir El Khadir abstract
Integrated Modeling of Food-Energy-Water in Ethiopia
Sriram Sankaranarayanan abstract
15:00 15:15 Coffee break
15:15 16:15 Plenary talk
Aircraft Design via Numerical Optimization: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Joaquim R. R. A. Martins abstract
16:15 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 18:30 Parallel technical sessions
Linear Optimization, Graphs and Networks Conic Optimization Combinatorial Optimization
Fourier Optimization for the Box Minorant Problem
Robert Vanderbei abstract
Polynomial Norms and Semidefinite Optimization
Georgina Hall abstract
A Branch-and-cut Algorithm for Discrete Bilevel Linear Programs
Osman Ozaltin abstract
Improved Basic Procedure for Chubanov's Algorithm
Carlos Deck abstract
Warm-start of Interior Point Methods for Second Order Cone Optimization via Rounding over Optimal Jordan Frames
Sertalp Cay abstract
The Inmate Assignment Problem
Anshul Sharma abstract
New Extended Formulation for the Steiner Tree Problem
Bartosz Filipecki abstract
Globally solving Non-Convex Quadratic Programs via Linear Integer Programming techniques
Wei Xia abstract
An Algorithm for $P|p_j=p, intree|\sum C_j$
Tianyu Wang abstract
An Augmenting Flow Algorithm for a Class of Node-capacitated Maximum Flow Problems
Rob Curry abstract
Non-Negative Polynomial Optimization via Moment Conic Optimization
Mehdi Ranjbar abstract
An Experimental Comparison of Two-dimensional Probabilistic Bin Packing Problem Solution Strategies
Sassi Mahfoudh Soumaya abstract
19:00 21:00 Graduate Student Social - Packer House, 217 West Packer Avenue, Bethlehem

Thursday 17th of August 2017

8:00 8:30 Registration and breakfast
8:30 9:30 Plenary talk
Some Recent Interactive Methods for Multiobjective Optimization
Kaisa Miettinen abstract
9:30 9:45 Coffee break
9:45 11:15 Parallel technical sessions
Machine Learning Nonlinear Optimization Combinatorial Optimization
Optimization Methods for Supervised Learning of Neural Networks
Dimitri Papadimitriou abstract
Phi-Function Technique in Optimization Packing Problems
Tatiana Romanova abstract
Point Cover Problem in 3D
Sharmin Akter abstract
The Possibility of Doing Sparse Coding by Deep Nets
Anirbit Mukherjee abstract
Condition Numbers for Convex Functions with Polytope Domains
David Gutman abstract
A Novel Approach to Model and Solve Discrete Truss Sizing Problems
Mohammad Shahabsafa abstract
SARAH: A Novel Method for Machine Learning Problems Using Stochastic Recursive Gradient
Martin Takac abstract
Symmetric Factorization of Saddle-point Matrices in Nonlinear Optimization and Reusing Pivots
Jan Kuratko abstract
Column Generation Approach to the Convex Recoloring Problem on a Tree
Sangho Shim abstract
11:15 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30 Mopta Modeling Competition
Mopta Modeling Competition
Peter Nieuwesteeg abstract
12:30 13:30 Lunch
13:30 15:00 Parallel technical sessions
Machine Learning Nonlinear Optimization Data Driven and Real Time Optimization
Hyperparameter Tuning Using Model-based Derivative-free Optimization
Katya Scheinberg abstract
Complexity Analysis of Second-order Line Search Algorithms for Smooth Non-convex Optimization
Clément Royer abstract
Developing a Nonlinear Predictor for an Unmeasured Signal Based on Integral Data
Andrew Stamps abstract
Wasserstein Distributional Robustness and Regularization in Statistical Learning
Rui Gao abstract
Communication-Efficient Algorithms for Decentralized and Stochastic Optimization
Yi Zhou abstract
Optimization for Data Reconciliation in Large Gas Pipeline Networks
Joshua Isom abstract
Hyper-parameter Optimization for Support Vector Machine as a Bilevel Problem
Wei Jiang abstract
Accelerating Gradient Descent through Quadratic Lower Bounds
Majid Jahani abstract
Data Management for Model Development at Air Products
Suyash Singh abstract
15:00 15:15 Coffee break
15:15 16:15 Plenary talk
The ALAMO Approach to Machine Learning: Best Subset Selection, Adaptive Sampling, and Constrained Regression
Nikolaos V. Sahinidis abstract
16:15 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 18:00 Parallel technical sessions
Modeling and Optimizing Energy Systems Conic Optimization OR Applications at the University
Parallel Computing of Stochastic Programs with Application to Energy System Capacity Expansion
Andrew Liu abstract
Bad Semidefinite Programs, Now with Short Proofs
Gabor Pataki abstract
Predicting Student Success: Applying the Jaya Algorithm to a Prediction Model
Mason Smith abstract
Optimal Price-threshold Control for Battery Operation with Aging Phenomenon: A Quasiconvex Optimization Approach
Yuhai Hu abstract
On the Identification of the Optimal Partition for Semidefinite Optimization
Ali Mohammad-Nezhad abstract
An Undergraduate uses OR to Improve Final Exam Schedules at her university
Francis Vasko abstract
On the Price Impact of Distributed Energy Storage
Boris Defourny abstract
A Simple Preprocessing Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming
Yuzixuan Zhu abstract

18:00 19:00 Cocktail Reception
19:00 21:00 Banquet

Friday 18th of August 2017

8:00 8:30 Registration and breakfast
8:30 9:30 Plenary talk
Control and Optimization of Energy Systems
Pascal Van Hentenryck abstract
9:30 9:45 Coffee break
9:45 11:15 Parallel technical sessions
Modeling and Optimization in Engineering Advances in Large-scale Optimization Stochastic Optimization
Piecewise Linearization in a MILP Model: A Case Study
Giorgio Fasano abstract
Searching The Growth Rate: Adaptive Svrg Methods Under Error Bound Conditions
Qihang Lin abstract
Comparison of Stochastic Service Model and Guaranteed Service Model in Serial System
Yinan Liu abstract
Solutions of Minimum-time Velocity Planning Problems
Mattia Laurini abstract
Asynchronous Parallel Primal-dual Coordinate Update Method
Yangyang Xu abstract
Chance Constrained Optimal Power Flow with Non-Affine Control Policies
Yury Dvorkin abstract
Nonlinear Regression Analysis by Global Optimization: A Case Study in Space Engineering
Janos D. Pinter abstract
Gradient Sliding Framework for Convex Composite Optimization
Yuyuan Ouyang abstract
Acceptable Risks and Related Decision Problems with Multiple Risk-averse Agents
Getachew Befekadu abstract
11:15 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30 Plenary talk
Unified Treatment of First-order Methods
Stephen Vavasis abstract
12:30 12:45 Closing session