Xiaocheng Tang

I am (CV, Linkedin) a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial & Systems Engineering at Lehigh University, working with Prof. Katya Scheinberg on developing practical algorithms (and their theoretical analysis) for machine learning problems and many other real-world applications.

Xiaocheng Tangi

Prior to study at Lehigh, I earned my undergraduate degree in Control Science and Engineering from Chu KoChen Honors College in Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. During summer I worked at industrial research labs on projects in different fields such as ads targeting, machine learning, hierarchical classifications, time series forecasting, traffic control, etc.



Distributed L-BFGS on Apache Spark

An efficient algorithm for optimizing large-scale regularized functions. Current C/C++ (with MATLAB interface) implementations can handle

The algorithm/implementation can be easily extended to deal with smooth loss functions other than least square and logistic loss. See for yourself.

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